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Welcome to my website

Digital technologies such as computers and iphones have a great impact the lives of kids of the 21st century. Students in New Zealand needs to develop knowledge and skills with digital technologies so they are ready to face the ever-changing society.
In school, the teachers use technology to boost learning and using tech in and beyind the classroom. In this website, I am going to show you all the tips and tricks you could use to pass Digital Tech.
I made this website to tell you a little bit about what you will be learning in DT and how you can learn everything easily

Wed Design is all about how you build, design and test a web site that you have created. Web Design involves:

Spread-Sheets is an application on the computer that shows lots of cells that makes up the whole grid. You can fill the with words or numbers. You can use formulas get answers more easily. It also has the ability to re-calculate the whole sheet automatically even if you make a small change in any of the cells.

Word Processing is about everything that you can do in Microsoft Word to manipulate a piece of text to make it look more professional. It includes:

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